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Kids use tablets

August 16, 2012

2012 study from Kids and Consumer Electronics: 2012 Edition shows that usage of tablets among young children increased 13%. Russ Crupnick from The NPD Group sais: “Kids are using tablets to game, watch movies and TV shows, read books and listen to music-even occasionally for taking pictures- so they have embraced the utility of these [...]

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Lionel Titel page

Lionel is approved

March 2, 2012

Our first story is approved by Apple and can be seen on App Store here. We are, of cause, very happy. This is a first step for us. More products will follow.

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Lionel is send to Apple’s approval process

February 25, 2012

Our first application is send to AppStore for approval process. It is a book about a small lion, Lionel, who is about to go on a pick-nick. Please read more here. Usually it takes 2 weeks for apple to review an application. We hope that all go well and we will soon have our first [...]

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Lionel is being beta tested

February 17, 2012

We have stared beta-testing of our interactive book – Lionel playing in the park. It is a story about a lion and his day at a city park. Our goal is to send the book to Apple during next week. Stay tuned.

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